Peeling Apples


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1. Doris and Maurice – A long Romance

2. First Hand (Grace’s story)
3. I will cause a sensation! (Lisa’s Story)
4. Fritzi’s secret (Lisa’s Poodle)
5. Extract from: 101 Things a Grownup Can Do by Tony Begbie
6. Eva’s Story
7. Apple Poem from participants’ words
8. Fragment (fictionalised memory)




Peeling Apples, an informal performance of short monologues based on the personal reminiscences of people over the age of 60. This performance is the culmination of a project to encourage and inspire artistic expression in a self-selecting group of people whose ages range from 60-83.

Through a series of creative sessions, moments in the lives of participants have been transformed into stories that are touching, sometimes extremely funny, and always engaging. The performance, given by members of the group and of Shaping Voices, includes singing acting and dancing… and a lot of apples!


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