What is Creative Reminiscence?

The older voice is too often drowned out by the clamour of the new, whereas many of our individual and collective human experiences at all ages are relevant. Our stories have the potential to help, educate and inspire each other at earlier – or later – stages in life, as well as reminding us of our community.

What is Creative Reminiscence? – a series of creative group sessions which lead to informal performances of original stories, monologues and poems based on the personal reminiscences of people over the age of 60.

Creative Reminiscence sessions are run by experienced facilitators with a strong background in the arts. The sessions provide an interesting, lighthearted and stimulating environment where those taking part can enjoy rediscovering and sharing their memories in a new and meaningful way. Active participation in the creative process, as well as joining and sharing with others, brings about a sense of well-being and personal achievement.

Each week a topic or two is explored using music, singing, poetry, movement, storytelling and writing, which stimulates not just long-ago memories but more recent ones too. Topics have included schooldays, food, journeys, husbands, time and birthdays, dreams, animals, pets, first jobs, inspirational people, Remembrance Day, a first dance, work and growing during in World War 2.

These sessions lead to the recording of stories and personal memories of the participants. In later sessions stories or monologues are developed and woven together to form an integral performance for informal presentation to an invited audience.

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