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The Monolgues
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1. Flowers

2. Whiskers on Kittens
3. A Real Boy
4. The Bevin Boys
5. Haikus from Blue
6. Blue Room With Chandeliers
7. Acrostic poem
8. The Tale of Mr Fawkes Endures
9. A Kind of Blue
10. Blue Moon



Hailsham residents of Maryan Court joined with Day Centre clients from Grangemead Day Centre to take part in a performance based on their memories and stories. This event was the culmination of a Creative Reminiscence project joint-funded by Age Concern & Friends of Grangemead and supported by Wealden District Council, which has enabled members of Shaping Voices to work with a group of enthusiastic elders. Through a series of creative sessions, participants have transformed their memories into stories that are touching, highly visual and sometimes extremely funny.

The performance, given by members of the group and of Shaping Voices, included singing, acting, dancing and poetry.

A Group poem inspired by scarves

Tales From the Suitcase

by Racy Ruth

‘Bring me his head’, she said mysteriously,
looking at the Greek judge as she spoke.
The Mexican bandit rode in, rode in.
‘Come on the Reds, let’s wrap up warm!’
Another mystery – like Agatha Christie.
The Meer cat’s looked on intently, intently,
whilst the Rabbi condemned the lot,
and the dance of the scarves began...

Blue haikus

the scent
with water
and touching the blue grass

clouds in the blue sky
reflected in the inky waters
of the lagoon

veins through the blue cheese
wafting up


some thoughts

sad, Chelsea, boy, sea, moon, sky, day, ink, whale, the blues, blue poppies, blue rose, Russian blue, blue tongue, blueberries, bluebells, lavender's blue, blue cheese, blue swede shoes, blue christmas, bruise, old blue eyes, the virgin Mary, blue with cold, veins, hyacinth, duck egg blue, bluebottle, blue tits, Bluecoat School, Rhapsody in Blue, true blue, Blue Nun, blue peter, blue Danube, bluebonnet, forget-me-not-blue, black and blue, out of the blue, bluesome twosome.


petty, pretty, playful, passionate, pleasant, practical, portable, pompous, plain

energetic, enthusiastic, easy, entertaining, eager eccentric earthy, earnest, early

petulant, pretty, portly, proper, prim, pastural, private, pictuaresque, pious

inky, interesting, integrated, invigorating, irate, innocent, isolated, imaginary, immature

rascal, randy, rambling, rebel, renegade, radiant, racketty, righteous, rocky, ridiculous

jangling, jokey, jealous, juicy, jaundiced, jiving, jumping, jelly, joking

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