Peeling Apples Monologues
page 5

Extract from: 101 Things a Grownup Can Do
by Tony Begbie


Memories are just like yesterday.

Treasure your yesterdays today and you will no longer be living in the past.

Look at the words you use. Live them well. Say them with meaning. Feel their depth.

Never lose your ability to share memories and thoughts nor to find delight in them.

Listen to the hopes and fears of others – real or imagined. Listen.

Ask yourself a question: The past and the future, how does it all fit together?

Don’t think. Contemplate.

The egg is the symbol of life – the start of something. It is fragile and can be destroyed before birth. Give it warmth and attention. Be watchful.

The story so far: An egg cannot be duplicated by science. Make sure it stays that way.

Don’t try and fit the mould.

Do not allow your dreams to be crushed, discarded, systematically eroded and dismissed.

Don’t be afraid to be individual.

True individuals share freely with others.

Some questions for your consideration:

1) A consumer created society is for the benefit of whom?

2) Why is individualism experienced as a threat?

3) What will cloning and cell-changing lead to?

No wonder our young behave in such bizarre ways!

How can we change things before it’s too late?

Nurture your young. They are our future.


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