Wordly Goods Monologues
page 8

How the stag got his antlers


The stag envied the king his power and everything he could do as a person, so he went to see him and fell in love with his crown.

He went away and tied thorny branches to his head but was constantly saddened because they fell from his head.
So he went to see Pan who lived in the forest and told him. Pan said, “wanting is not enough – you must show yourself brave enough to bear your crown.”

One night at the beginning of autumn there was a huge storm and many animals were injured by falling branches and their homes ruined. The stag, who had taken off his crown, forgot himself in his urgent need to help. He moved branches and he carried small animals to high ground. He laboured all night.

In the spring, as the forest began to bloom and grow, first his wife and then all the animals noticed his good looks and bending down to drink he saw, reflected in the pool, small horns coming from his head. Each year they grew grander until in his great old age, as he increased in wisdom, he bore on his head the most splendid set of antlers, like the branches of an oak tree.

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