A Season for Marbles
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Group peace Poems

Enduring peace
constant and ceaseless for ever
abiding in us.

Endless charity
calm country
astral evensong

Perfect poppies
permanent peace
enduring always

Plentiful love brings peace of mind
abiding and everlasting prayer
candles burn at evensong


We weren't wasteful. We'd make do and mend.

I cut down my husband's suit to fit my boy.

I'd fix the ladders in my stocking with a tiny crochet hook.

The waiter at the Grand Hotel used to give us tea in exchange for clothing coupons. My mother could never get enough tea.

You could buy huckleback towelling without rations. We made ourselves bikinis out of it. But you couldn't go into the water.
Why not?
Because they were see-through.

Tails of shirts were made into bras and pants.

My brother came home from the Far East with mould in the folds of his uniform and the badge on the top of his hat was green!

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